Krav Maga training programs designed specifically for women focus on self defence and rape prevention tactics and techniques. These programs emphasise realistic scenarios for women, and provide realistic defensive solutions to the problems they are most likely to face in today’s world.

This training educates women to be aware of potential danger signs as they occur in the real world, to spot them at the earliest opportunity and take appropriate evasive action.

Its also provide training that enables women to respond and protect themselves when a threatening situation cannot be avoided or prevented and there is no choice but to physically defend. The programs teaches only simple and practical defences that have been proven to be effective for women against common attacks and assaults – including those carried out by assailants who are physically larger and stronger. The emphasise is in developing the ability of the trainee to deal with the stress and shock of a real threat or attack, and to make appropriate decisions while under extreme pressure.

All Krav Maga training for women should be conducted in a safe environment by highly qualified and experienced instructors. Krav Maga self defence training for women is available in several different formats. A range of seminars and courses are held regularly in Sydney with the SHE FIGHTS BACK program, covering everything from basic self defence and personal protection through to preventing sexual assault and surviving high risk situations. Most instructors can design and deliver seminars and courses to meet the needs of your particular group. Regular self defence classes are also available throughout Australia. For more information, visit the SHE FIGHTS BACK website or click here to find a school near you!