Krav Maga has three specialist training streams: civilian, law enforcement and military. Krav Maga was originally developed for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). It is the official system of self defence and hand-to-hand combat of the IDF, the Israeli National Police and other security services. Krav Maga is also taught extensively to male and female civilians in public schools and educational centres affiliated with the Israeli ministry of education. It is also now widely practiced throughout the world, being particularly strong in Europe and the United States. In those regions it is part of the defensive tactics syllabus for many military, police and security units. Krav Maga is also practiced by many thousands of civilians throughout the world, including in America.

Krav Maga training enables practitioners to protect themselves and others against a wide range of real-world threats and attacks: from common strikes, grabs, chokes, headlocks and other holds through to high risk situations involving multiple attackers and/or weapons including knives, sticks and firearms. Just as important, Krav Maga training teaches people to respond and function correctly during the enormous stress and shock of a sudden, real-life violent encounter. Krav Maga utilises only modern, innovative and safe training methods that have been proven effective under the harshest conditions on the battlefield and on the street. As a result, Krav Maga is one of the most credible self defence systems in the world today.

Krav Maga self defence training is available in several different formats. A range of seminars and courses are held regularly around Sydney, covering everything from basic self defence and personal protection through to knife defence, ground defence and surviving high risk situations. Most instructors can also design and deliver custom-made seminars and courses to meet the needs of your particular group. Regular self defence classes are also available throughout Australia. For more information, please contact your local instructor or click here to find a school near you.