Specialist Krav Maga Courses

Each course teaches security personnel Krav Maga techniques for:

  • VIP Protection
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military Instructor Duties

These fields all deal with unique threats - KMI will give you the most efficient, customised and practical solutions to deal with any and every situation. After your qualification, we will follow up with multi-year training programs to ensure your high level of expertise is maintained.

Our instructors are highly skilled and ready to pass on their first-hand experiences and expertise in Krav Maga. They developed the training programs and techniques and occupy the top Krav Maga positions in Israel including:

  • IDF Chief Krav Maga Instructor
  • Commander of IDF Krav Maga instructor school
  • Senior Krav Maga consultants to the IDF
  • Head Krav Maga instructors for various elite special forces units in Israel
  • Heads of Krav Maga divisions in various security organisation units and government VIP protection units (protecting the Knesset, courthouses, Israel’s parliament and its members)
  • Chief Krav Maga protection for private industries

Our instructors have completed international seminars and courses for military, law enforcement and VIP protection. We have and continue to provide training to almost every type of military, border police, law enforcement and counter-terrorism unit you may think of. This multitude of personal experience is what distinguishes KMI from all other organisations.


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