Welcome to Krav Maga International

 WE fight HARDER


If you are ready to become the best of the best, you’ve come to the right place.

Krav Maga International (KMI) is unsurpassable. Established by instructors from the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), our system aims to prepare you for any and every threatening situation that you may face out on the streets. KMI is not only focused on the technical and theoretical side of Krav Maga - our training programs are innovative, effective and fierce - designed to make fighters out of you. With our instructors’ personal experience teaching Krav Maga in the IDF, you won’t find a more effective and advantageous way of learning practical hand-to-hand training anywhere.

Mastering complex and accurate techniques is one thing, but KMI will transform you into more than just a martial artist. We will take your minds outside of the four-walled comfort zone of your training room and out into the real world. Here you will experience the stress of sudden life-threatening situation in which complex motor skills are impractical. KMI will give you the most effective skills and real fighting experience that will make you the best to deal with the worst.

Meet the team

Our team is comprised of distinguished instructors who hold the highest Krav Maga positions in Israel. They established and continue to develop the training for the IDF, certify IDF Krav Maga instructors, train instructors for Israel’s security, law enforcement and VIP defence units for government and private operations.



Elite Krav Maga instructor and IDF combat veteran knows what it takes to train soldiers lead them in combat. 



Determined, relentless and driven by a raw and powerful intensity, this fighting machine has placed himself among the top universal fighters.



Hugely instrumental in the Krav Maga world, nothing stands in the way of this guy’s sheer strength, dominance and steady climb to the top.

Training Methodology

KMI delivers first-hand knowledge and experiences to train fighters and certify instructors. Our programs are incomparable and rigorous, fusing proven battle techniques with realistic street-based strategies. Not only do we develop your Krav Maga skills and techniques, but we furthermore focus on building your levels of fitness and strength, to ensure your transformation into an unstoppable fighter, an indestructible wall of defence, ready to share your knowledge and experience with others.