Krav Maga uses practical self defence techniques against weapons, holds, grabs, and how to deal with multiple attackers whether you are standing or on the ground. 


Krav Maga teaches military units and law enforcement officers from around the world are using to help saving lives on the battlefield as well as on the streets.



Krav Maga is a complete self defence and fighting system developed in the IDF and brings the average civilian to a competent level of self defence in the shortest possible time. 

Our world has grown desensitised to violence. We enjoy watching the latest action movie or buying the next shoot’em up video game. Some of us buy our children fake guns and swords and say “Have fun!”, after all, violence isn’t real, it’s a game, it’s make believe. It is never actually going to happen to us. We are impervious… I won’t be part of the statistics... of women who are raped every year… it won’t be my movie theatre, office building or tourist attraction that gets attacked… it won’t be my children’s school that the gunman chooses to target. Violence is real! It is not something that we only see on television or in the movies. It is not something that we just hear about happening across town, or happening somewhere across the globe. Hopefully violence will never be fall us; unfortunately we live in an imperfect and unpredictable world, and we must be prepared. The moment we start taking violence seriously, is the first step we take in defending ourselves and our families. 

So have you decided to take the first step in learning how to defend yourself and your loved ones?